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2 Volcanoes and via 2 Waterfalls Combination Day Tour.  From $130/p

Póas Volcano National Park and Arenal Volcano area
7:30 am to 7:30 pm

·  POAS VOLCANO CRATER and cloud forest.
·  COFFEE FARM stop on the way up to Poas.
  2 Spectacular Waterfalls en Route after Póas.
  ARENAL VOLCANO WITH RED HOT LAVA at night. Currently not active.
·  Arenal Lake & Volcano views by day.
  TABACON HOT SPRINGS RESORT (optional) or other springs at the base of Arenal Volcano.
·  SCENIC DRIVES through farmland and rainforest.
  WILDLIFE; MONKEYS, TOUCANS, COATI are possible to see at Arenal.
  LUNCH included. as are REFRESHMENTS ALL DAY; from BEER to bottled water, sodas and fruit

From San José we’ll turn off the Pan-American Highway through the provincial capital city of
Alajuela where we’ll stop to see 2 points of interest your knowledgeable guide will tell you about.  From here our drive towards the Poás Volcano Cloud Forest National Park will take us up the slopes of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range by way of a scenic drive through beautiful landscape adorned with coffee, dairy, strawberry, flower and fern farms in addition to typical small towns with well kept homes.  At one of these many coffee farms you will have the opportunity to sample and purchase top quality roasted coffee (ground or whole bean) straight from the farmer's roadside shop that also has beautiful views of the rolling landscape of coffee plantations and of the Central Valley below.

COFFEE PLANTATION SHOP to sample and purchase if you wish top quality roasted coffee while taking in the beautiful views of the rolling landscape of coffee plantations and of the Central Valley below.

POAS VOLCANO:  At approximately 9:30 a.m. we’ll enter the cloud forest of the Poás Volcano National Park where we'll walk 500 scenic yards on a flat paved pathway to the crater, located at a cool 8,900 ft. above sea level.  On the way your guide will show you the beautiful giant leaves of the “Poor Man’s Umbrella” plant, epiphytes (air plants) and other plant species unique to the lush tropical cloud forest ecosystem that lines the walk to the crater.  From the crater’s rim you’ll have the unique experience of  looking down 1,000 ft. into an active volcano crater that's nearly 1 mile in diameter and constantly emitting sulfur fumes and steam.  The crater's colorful array of rock strata and aqua green colored acid lake together with the barren old lava floe rock formations all surrounded by tropical cloud forest gives your experienced professional guide plenty to tell you about.


VIEW & FRUIT STOPS:  After leaving Poás around 10:30 a.m. we'll make brief stops with a fantastic high views of the central valley below, and later further down the mountain at a roadside fruit stand to sample delicious fresh strawberries, other local fruit and snacks all safe to eat.


WATERFALLS ROUTE to Arenal Volcano: By 11:15 a.m. we’ll arrive at the first of 2 spectacular waterfalls, "La Paz" (“The Peace").  This impressive waterfall is a triple Sault of pristine water producing an effervescent pool of water surrounded by lush rainforest vegetation.  A road bridge is located directly in front of the falls giving you an excellent spot to view the falls.

    La Paz Waterfall Views

San Fernando Falls &
Hummingbird Gallery

HUMMINGBIRDS:  A few miles down the scenic road with forest lined canyons and farm land we'll stop at a former typical country restaurant with a breathtaking view of the San Fernando Falls and enjoy a hummingbird gallery.  A 300 ft. high spout of pristine water spilling out of an impressive rainforest lined canyon in the near distance, provides a spectacular background to a wide variety of hummingbirds feeding from feeders giving you an excellent opportunity to admire and photograph these amazing birds. Restrooms are available here.

LUNCH: Here in front of the San Fernando Falls we'll have lunch at a rustic typical Costa Rican restaurant with a variety of delicious typical local food cooked over a wood burning stove and that includes fruit refreshments.


Arenal Volcano and Lake

White Nose Coati

ARENAL VOLCANO and lake: Following Lunch we'll continue 1.5 hrs down the road to be at Arenal Volcano by 3:30 p.m. and then at the Arenal Lake and Tabacón Hot Springs Resort located at the base of the volcano.  All are surrounded by dense tropical rainforest where it's possible to spot wild howler monkeys, coatis and toucans among other birds and wildlife.  At the earthen dam of the large Arenal Lake Reservoir (largest in Central American) we'll stop and get out of the vehicle to take in the views of the impressive lake scenery and surrounding rainforest in addition to the panoramic view of the volcano in the near distance.  After some refreshments we'll continue on around the lake for a few miles into the dense tropical rainforest that borders the lake on the lookout for wildlife such as coati, birds, monkeys and more spectacular views of the lake and of the volcano in the distance.

HOT SPRINGS RESORT: We then turn back the few miles to the hot springs resort to decide if you want to pay the optional $60 entrance fee (other springs for $35 & $25/p) (always changing price) to bath in naturally hot spring water that flows from the base of this spectacular volcano into several swimming pools.  This resort has excellent views of the volcano, beautiful tropical flower gardens with pathways through it, several large concrete swimming pools of ever-flowing hot mineral water in addition to more natural rock-lined pools in the hot mineral streams that transverse the resort.  It also has a waterfall you can sit under for a wonderful water massage, a water slide toboggan, 2 restaurants and a wet bar in the largest pool, all set in a tropical garden surrounded by tropical rainforest within view of the volcano.  It also has showers & dressing rooms with lockers for your belongings and for the towels they provide for a deposit.   From the springs (or from other vantage points if you choose not to enter the hot springs it's (not currently) possible to SEE RED HOT LAVA at night coming down the slopes of this classic cone-shaped volcano mountain (Not currently active) and experience its explosions that can often be heard, and sometimes seen, from far away. (Not currently active since November 2010)

By 5 PM We start our 2.5 hour drive back to San Jose which will have us back by aprox. 7:30 p.m.  We can tailor the tour times to your needs for an earlier return. Due to the current lack of activity from Arenal we return around 5 pm for 7: 30 arrival in San Jose.  Also available as an optional 2 day overnight excursion.  Price depends on the hotel chosen.  Call for details.

Price 2 Volcanoes in 1 day tour:  From $130*/person. Includes Poás Volcano entrance fee, Arenal Volcano and Lake visit with Lunch. Add optional $60 Tabacón springs entrance or $85 with dinner at the hot springs or an optional $10-$15 dinner elsewhere. Children under 9 are ½ price with 2 accompanying adults. Other hot springs with lower entrance fees available. * All Prices are subject to change without notice and are based on the tour operating with 4 persons or more.

Price 2 day Overnight Arenal Tour;  From $185/person for our 2 days tour services only. Depending on hotel add aprox.$45/pp. for double room occupancy in Hotel without views of the lava in the town of La Fortuna and add from $60 to $100/person for lava view hotels in double room occupancy.
 As in the 1 day tour, lunch on the first day & Poás Volcano fee is included. Other meals are not included. Many hotels include breakfast. Prices are based on double room occupancy.  Add $25 to $60/adult for the optional hot springs entrance depending on which springs. For our tour services c
hildren under 9 are ½ price with 2 accompanying adults.  *
All Prices are subject to change without notice and are based on the tour operating with 4 persons or more.


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